American Academy of Family Physicians.  Information on many health topics.

Mayo clinic.  Great source of reliable health information.

Kid's Health.  Good source of information on children and adolescence.

Institute of Functional Medicine.  Information on Functional Medicine.

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  A resource of information about medical acupuncture.

Ideal Medical Practices Blog.

National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The NIH's site for information as well as health trials.

The Vaccine Book.  Bob Sears' site to complement his excellent book.

National Women's Health Network.  Health information and Advocacy for women.

True Food Now  Greenpeace's Organic Food advocacy site.

Environmental Working Group.  Protect yourself and your family from toxins.

National Resources Defense Council.  Working toward the health of the planet.

Santa Cruz Public Health Department Low cost vaccinations.

Alcoholics Anonymous of Santa Cruz. Information and meeting schedule.

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