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Are you dissatisfied with the results you’ve gotten from conventional medicine?

Has your doctor said that your labs are normal, but you still don’t feel well?

Are you ready for a solution to end your pain and discomfort?

Unfortunately, the acute-care approach to medicine is poorly designed to address chronic fatigue, autoimmunity, and other complex conditions.

Most Western medical practices do not account for the unique genetic makeup of each individual or how modern lifestyle has influenced the rise of chronic disease in our society.  Most doctors simply don’t have enough time to figure out the root causes and teach their patients how to be healthy.

I believe that everyone has unlimited potential to overcome their health challenges and live their most purposeful life.


Patient Testimonial

Roots of Health was founded by Lonna Larsh, MD, a family physician who is certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine (in addition to her board certification in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine).  She has been serving Santa Cruz for over 25 years.  Roots of Health offers functional wellness programs to address the underlying roots of health challenges in order to achieve lasting results.

Watch a recording of Dr. Larsh's webinar on Stress, Hormones and Energy:

Our Commitment to You

At Roots of Health, we examine all aspects of your life and health to get you functioning at your optimum. Dr. Larsh and the Roots of Health team take a functional medicine approach to health. This means we focus on treating you as an individual, always looking to correct underlying problems instead of just covering up or suppressing your symptoms. Here is what you can expect:

Finding the Roots

We get your health back on track by addressing the root cause.

Personalized Care

We find what works best for your unique body and personality.

Ongoing Support

Our team will mentor and support you along the way.

What Our Practice Members Have Said:

"Helping individuals overcome their health challenges is what I do.
Setting them free to reach their fullest potential and live their life’s purpose is who I am." ~ Lonna Larsh, MD

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